Times in Transport

Extremely long transitional periods define this time for me. The effort it takes to get where I want to go takes out all my energy before I get there. I’m spending more than 50 pounds per week on transportation! I can’t understand it! I wish I could walk, but everything is at least 45 minutes […]

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Observations from an Outsider

I took myself on a date to the British Museum. After being blown away by the famous paintings in the National Gallery I wanted a twist toward archeological excellence. Before I left, I search for my lost sock in the laundry room. Two days gone. After the 10 pounds it took to do laundry, I […]

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The Drive for Dependence

I absolutely love to dream about the future (this statement is no surprise to anyone who has talked to me for longer than 30 minutes). My mind often strays from my exams and meditates on how I can save up for a trip when I graduate or a new camera lens or the career that […]

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Travels to Turkey

Ambiguity is Okay The week before we left for Turkey news breaks that there had been a bomb in the Istanbul airport right in the terminal we would have been going into. The decision to go to a country that was a bit unstable or stay home rested in my hands. Despite the danger, I […]

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The Love of my Life

I have felt so much pressure lately. I’m not sure what the cause is, but everything seems to be suffocating me. Each day there seems to be a new load to add to the pile of the future things I need to handle. I try to take a breath, but it’s easy to get weighed […]

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The Fight for Freedom

Freedom. America is the land of the free and home of the brave. So we say. But what is freedom when feeling constantly enslaved to sin? What is bravery when there is an overriding fear that sharing the gospel with our closest friends may leave us judged and abandoned? We will fight for our country, […]

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The Pursuit of Prayer

I am about to leave on a plane to go across the world and I am feeling a multitude of things. Throughout my time in Durham, I have constantly been stripped and built back up again. God has shown me what blind obedience looks like and what it really is like to hold your hands […]

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