She’s a Sanctified Sinner

  This week I learned the difference between sanctified and justified. I have wrestled with sickness, sin, shame, sharing, solitude and a bit of sorrow this week. So a lot of S-words that are not very uplifting. At the same time, through all these obstacles he continually redeems me showing his glory will reign over these […]

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The Concrete Jungle

This week was challenging in unexpected ways, but God’s glory was multiplied and revealed to me beyond comprehension. It’s going to be really difficult to merge all God showed me in New York onto one blog post, but I am going to try my best. Day One / It’s Memorial Day, but we are lifting up […]

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Growing in the Garden

I’m not sure what I was expecting for orientation week, but it was beautiful and a bit tiring at once. This week was mainly about getting to know each other and to get an glimpse of what this summer will be like most specifically New York. We heard short sessions on the word, prayer, testimonies […]

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